Diablo Deeper Darkness

Zhar the Mad (4)

Games and Puzzles

The party found a fallen star Deva named Zhar whom seemed to recognized the party and allowed them to play around the magical desks and tables to find the item they were supposedly looking for.

Having found the ring and gem the party was teleported to a casino. Hypnotized by the dealers into the gambling Photios managed to wipe all the tables clean and revealed a passageway to the treasure vault. Using the ring and gem as keys and solving the gargoyles’ riddles the group found a large display of wealth. 8,900 gp, 8 various agates worth 9 gp each, 2 irregular pearls worth 10 gp each, 3 violet garnets worth 500 gp each, 2 fire opals worth 800 gps, 2 flawed rubies (1,250 gp each), 1 average emerald (worth 6,250 gp), and 5 magic items leveled 7th (2,600 gp), 8th (3,400 gp), 9th (4,200 gp), 10th (5,000 gp), & 11th (9,000 gp) respectively and a mysterious cubes covered with runes (horreb ritual cube).



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