Diablo Deeper Darkness

Chamber of Bone

Continuing in their travels our heroes came upon a door with the following inscription: “Beyond the hall of heroes lies the chamber of bone. Eternal death awaits any who would seek to steal the treasures secured within this room. So speaks the Lord of Terror, and so it is written.” Entering the room the found a huge golem powered by the spirits of those killed by it and protected by layers of magic to keep it immune to nearly all harm. Working together by managed to tear down those defenses and overpower the golem finding a plethora of rewards: 29,000 gp, 3 fire opals worth 1,100 gp each, A set of 8 small golden statues 500 gp each, 2 flawed emeralds, a lvl 9 magic item (4200 gp), and a lvl 14 magic item (21,000 gp). You also find tomes that contain summoning knowledge, all players can a familiar feat (arcane if you don’t have it yet, another familiar feat of your choice if you do) as well as a familar mount ritual.



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